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LearnEngg, an interactive Visual Rich Digital Learning solution provided with the depth of 2D/3D demonstrations
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Started in UK in 1999 but launched in India in 2005, the Infoplus Technologies primarily focuses on latest innovative technologies for enriching education and skill development for the Human Resource Sector and Industry, on ERP implementations and support services for Major ERPs like SAP, Oracle etc. Infoplus has completed over 100 medium and large projects for Fortune 200 companies across Europe. Visual Rich e-Learning Solution LearnEngg-an interactive visual-rich accelerated learning and teaching aid, embedded with real-world applications on-screen for better grasp of engineering fundamentals, principles and concepts, covering all disciplines of technical education and skill development.

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LearnEngg is a trade-name christened for our visual-rich accelerated e-Learning solution. Our immediate focus is on imparting highly effective technical education, namely, 4 year Graduate Engineering, 3 year Engineering Diploma, 2 year ITI Trades and Skill Development programs. LearnEngg conforms to the prescribed syllabus of the University/ Education Agency, aptly crafted with relevant real-life demonstrations of apporpiate 3D visuals, thus imparting highly effective and quality education. It provides nearly 250 visuals in 2D/3D formats to explain a typical 45 Lecture hours subject.

India's higher education system is the world's third latest in terms of students, Unlike China, however, India has the advantage of English being the primary language of higher education and research. The overall scenario of higher education in India does not match with the global quality standards mainly due to highly diversified nature in terms of cultures, languages, economic status and geographical locations, widening the gap between urban and rural areas.

LearnEngg, with visual-rich ICT based technology driven e-learning solution, facilitates developing world class skilled workforce. It virtually brings the industry to the student and thereby strengthen Industry Partnership, making the Students Industry-Ready and hence enhancing employability. Skill development needs to start within the formal courses not as a separate compartment. Hence, we have adapted mix of academic and industry requirements within our product. Leveraging the technological developments, we provide the students to learn the subjects anywhere any time, offering a personalised learning environment. Coupled with the emphasis of promoting Digital India by the Govt of India, our solution is the least-cost model towards capacity building of vital skilled resources, aiming at making India a knowledge super power in the global economy.

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We have implemented LearnEngg solution in 5 States, namely all Govt. ITIs in Kerala, Govt. Polytechnics in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal for Diploma Engg, Visvesvaraya Technological University and its affiliated Engineering colleges in Karnataka. Our solution has earned the chief Minister's e-Governance Award of 2014 in Kerala, especially for the upliftment of Girl Students from Rural Environment.


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